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The size and weight of many commercial big rigs make these vehicles especially prone to rolling over during transit. A rollover accident may not just destroy the truck and trailer, but these catastrophic incidents can lead to other motorists colliding with the truck and suffering severe injuries. A flipped truck is preventable but can occur if the truck driver or another party commits reckless acts.

Motorists and passengers who suffer harm in these crashes may have legal rights they can assert against any negligent party who contributed to the crash. This may include the right to pursue a truck wreck injury claim for monetary compensation from any at-fault individual or corporate entity. A knowledgeable Columbus rollover truck accident lawyer could assist injured claimants through all stages of the civil lawsuit process.

Reasons Trucks Flip Over

Trucks may flip over for a variety of reasons, many of them tied to inattentiveness or poor judgment. Some of the most common ways that rollover crashes happen include a truck operator who:

  • Makes an abrupt turn or turning at too high of a speed
  • Overloads a tractor-trailer
  • Chooses to go through areas of high wind
  • Speeds, weaves in and out of traffic, or must stop suddenly

Determining the circumstances that led to the rollover is a crucial step in deciding whether injured individuals have a right to pursue compensation. Witness statements and evidence recovered from the truck’s data recorder may help explain how a truck rolled. In some cases, experts and accident reconstructionists may need to explain the causes of a rollover. A well-practiced truck wreck attorney in Columbus good gather the evidence needed to prove another party caused the vehicle to flip.

Considerations When Deciding to Settle a Rollover Truck Lawsuit

People involved in a flipped over truck wreck may require substantial compensation for their medical expenses and other losses. As a result, truckers, commercial vehicle companies, and other defendants may attempt to settle injured claimants’ suits before trial rather than risk having to pay an even larger damages award after costly litigation. While settlements do offer some advantages to plaintiffs, there are drawbacks as well.

Defendants who make settlement offers may propose to pay claimants a specific sum of money and require them to abandon their lawsuit in return. Before an injured person accepts any settlement, they should consider:

  • Their total expenses and financial losses and the amount of compensation the defendant is offering
  • How quickly the defendant will pay them the agreed-upon compensation
  • The strength of their legal claims and the availability of supporting evidence
  • The time they want to spend pursuing a recovery award

A person harmed in a rollover crash in Columbus may wish to discuss a proposed settlement with an experienced lawyer before accepting it. Doing so may help prevent them from giving up important legal rights without adequate compensation.

Contact a Columbus Rollover Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

People who suffer harm when a truck rolls over on a highway may be able to secure compensation from the at-fault defendant in the wreck. These plaintiffs should speak to a Columbus rollover truck accident lawyer as soon as they can about the compensation to which they may be entitled. A dedicated attorney could walk them through each step of the legal process and advise them on the best steps to take for their unique case.

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