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Scott Pryor Law is excited to announce the winner of the Defending Yourself Scholarship. Our firm has awarded $2,000 to Shannon Canitz  for her to pursue her masters in clinical mental health counseling. Shannon shared with us her story of overcoming a trauma at a young age and using her experience to help others who have gone through similar situations.

Being able to defend yourself either during or after a traumatic experience can be an almost impossible task for many people, but Shannon’s story of bringing her abuser to court and winning is truly inspiring. Not only did Shannon take the steps to defend herself from any further mental or physical abuse, but she also used this experience to grow and steer herself towards a career that helps others through trauma.

Below is Shannon’s reaction to winning the Defending Yourself Scholarship.

“I was so excited to hear that I had won the Defending Yourself Scholarship from Scott Pryor Law. I put my heart and soul into my essay and was touched to hear that my journey has inspired others. This scholarship will greatly help me offset the cost of my graduate education in clinical mental health counseling and will help me follow my career aspirations of becoming a therapist who specializes in treating survivors of trauma. This upcoming fall semester, I will be entering my first year in this graduate program and cannot thank the attorneys at Scott Pryor Law enough for awarding me this scholarship. I plan to carry on the mission of Scott Pryor Law by continuing to defend and fight for others, in my case through mental health advocacy and therapy services. I hope my story will demonstrate to other survivors that recovery is possible and that by practicing resilience, traumatic experiences can be an impetus for personal growth and social advocacy.”

Shannon’s ability to grow from her experiences and take the initiative to not only overcome her own struggles, but help others through their trauma as well made her the clear winner for this year’s Defending Yourself Scholarship. Thank you to all of our applicants for submitting your applications and sharing your stories for this year’s scholarship, and we hope to continue supporting students who have taken the initiative to defend themselves.

Learn More About The Defending Yourself Scholarship

Scott Pryor Law started the Defending Yourself Scholarship to give students the opportunity to share their stories of a time they defended themselves, and how that experience impacted them. As a fiercely competitive personal injury attorney and former Marine, Scott Pryor believes strongly in defending oneself in everything you do. Through this scholarship, Scott Pryor Law is able to help students who have a similar mindset and have shown their bravery in many different aspects of their lives. To learn more about this scholarship, visit the Defending Yourself Scholarship page.

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