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Commercial trucks and trailers have limitations on the amount of cargo that they can safely carry. Nonetheless, there is a financial incentive for carriers and distributors to transport as much cargo as possible in a single trailer. However, doing this may make the vehicle difficult to control and could lead to a serious wreck.

The truck driver, the trucking company, or the loading company may all play a role in a crash. If you were involved in a collision with a truck you believe was overloaded, seek assistance from a Columbus overweight truck accident lawyer. The skills and resources an experienced truck crash attorney could help injured individuals secure financial compensation for their losses.

How Do Overweight Truck Wrecks Occur in Columbus?

A truck that is overweight is unstable on the road and can be challenging to control. A trucker operating an overloaded truck increases their chances of a wreck if they:

  • Travel over icy, slick, or dangerous roads
  • Drive in windy conditions
  • Brake or turn suddenly
  • Try to go uphill or downhill unsafely

In many instances, a truck becomes overweight because individuals or entities fail to act carefully and reasonably. A truck driver may forego opportunities to learn their truck’s gross weight. A commercial vehicle company may pressure its drivers to carry more than what the vehicle is meant for. A distribution center employee may fail to notice that a trailer is being overburdened with cargo while loading the trailer.

These and other careless acts may make an accident more likely. An accomplished lawyer in Columbus could review the case to determine who is responsible for the overloaded truck crash.

Damages in an Overloaded Truck Collision

Injured individuals who suffer harm in a wreck may have the ability to file a claim for compensation if these claimants can demonstrate that the accident occurred due to the trucker’s or another’s careless or reckless conduct. This requires the claimant to show not only that another person acted in an objectively unreasonable manner, but also that the crash and their resulting injuries would not have occurred had the behavior not happened.

Claimants must also be able to prove the extent of harm they suffered in the wreck and what amount of financial damages is necessary to compensate them. Bills and invoices, wage statements and work attendance records, and testimony from knowledgeable witnesses may all be useful in meeting this burden. Plaintiffs may be eligible to recover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages and earning potential, and damages for mental suffering they experience.

Additionally, if plaintiffs can demonstrate that their injuries will require additional, future treatment, then the claimants may be successful in recovering compensation for these anticipated damages as well. In proving the necessity for future costs, claimants may need to rely on the testimony of expert witnesses and medical professionals.

A knowledgeable overweight truck crash attorney in Columbus may assist injured individuals in pursuing an appropriate amount of compensation for their past and anticipated losses.

Speak with a Columbus Overweight Truck Accident Attorney Today

Those hurt in a collision with an overloaded semi should speak with a Columbus overweight truck accident lawyer about their eligibility to pursue a claim for compensation. The sooner that a civil lawsuit commences, the faster you may be able to obtain payment. Speak with a well-practiced attorney during your free initial consultation.

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