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In the public imagination, motorcyclists are often viewed as rebels who pay little heed to the law, but the reality is usually quite the opposite. For their own safety, most motorcyclists follow the general rules of the road as well as the specialized laws pertaining to motorcycles.

By contrast, the drivers of cars and other vehicles may not be aware of motorcycle laws and often operate in a manner that compromises the safety of motorcyclists. When a motorcycle collides with another vehicle, the rider is likely to suffer much more serious injuries.

If you have suffered harm in a motorcycle accident, it may be wise to consult a knowledgeable Cobb County motorcycle accident lawyer to learn if you may be entitled to compensation. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help you recover money to cover your pain and suffering as well as damage to your bike, medical bills, and wages lost due to time off work.

Laws Specific to Motorcycles

Because motorcycles are so different from other motorized vehicles on the road, lawmakers have enacted statutes providing specific responsibilities for riders as well as clarifying their rights. For instance, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §40-6-312 specifies that:

  • Motorcycles are entitled to the use of a full lane on the road
  • Riders may not operate more than two abreast in a single lane
  • Motorcycles may not pass other vehicles in the same lane
  • Motorcycles may not be driven in between traffic lanes
  • While in operation, all motorcycles must have headlights and taillights illuminated

Violation of these or other laws could provide grounds for a finding of negligence. For instance, if the driver of a truck crowds a motorcycle and deprives the rider of the use of a full lane, that conduct violates the statute and could provide the basis for proving negligence or even deliberate wrongdoing.

Prompt Action is Recommended

For several reasons, it is wise not to wait too long to consider legal options after a motorcycle accident. Often, an insurance company investigator may begin asking questions shortly after an accident. Without realizing, the injured motorcyclist may make a statement that jeopardizes the right to recovery. Advice from a Cobb County motorcycle accident lawyer could prevent such a misstep.

In addition, an accident lawyer could work to ensure that appropriate actions are taken before the statute of limitations prevents recovery. Courts will dismiss claims filed more than two years after the date of an accident.

It is a good idea to take action long before the statute of limitations becomes an issue, however, because evidence to support a finding of liability should be collected as soon as possible after an accident. Video footage, for example, could play a key role in a motorcycle accident case, but footage is often routinely deleted to save storage space. An attorney could specifically work to preserve an important piece of footage for use in litigation.

Consult an Experienced Cobb County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After suffering injuries in an accident, most people want to focus on regaining their health rather than worry about legal complications. When you work with an experienced Cobb County motorcycle accident lawyer, your attorney could handle paperwork and questions from insurance companies so that you can put your energies toward healing. For a free consultation and to learn how a motorcycle accident lawyer could help in your case, call now.

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