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Burn injuries can cause serious physical and emotional trauma. Not only that, if the injury is severe enough, it could require surgery, extensive medical treatment, and leave permanent scarring.

If you suffered a burn injury, you might benefit from contacting a qualified injury attorney. An Augusta burn injury lawyer could lend you their legal assistance and determine your eligibility for recovery.

Burn Injuries by Severity

There are many different causes that could lead to a serious burn injury that requires medical attention and legal intervention. A burn injury attorney could help calculate an Augusta plaintiff’s potential recovery based on the severity of their injuries.

Some common types of burns include:

  • Friction — caused by hard objects rubbing against the skin
  • Cold burns — commonly referred to as frostbite, occur as a result of the skin’s overexposure to freezing temperatures or substances
  • Radiation — occur from overexposure to sunlight, x-rays, or radiation treatment
  • Thermal — happen when the skin is exposed to hot metal, liquids, steam, or flames
  • Chemical —result from the skin’s exposure to acids
  • Electrical — occur when an electrical current comes into contact with the body

Burns in Degrees

Burn injuries are broken down into three general categories: first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. First-degree burns are the least damaging, resulting in reddish skin, swelling, and peeling. These burns typically take a week to heal.

Second-degree burns tend to be a little more severe, resulting in blistering and damage beyond the top layer of the skin. Blisters caused by these burns sometimes require skin grafting to heal the area.

Third-degree burns are the most severe category of burns. Third-degree burn injuries may cause charred skin, blisters, and often require surgery.

Recoverable Damages for Burn Injuries in Augusta

Plaintiffs must file their injury claim within two years of suffering the burn injury under Georgia Code §9-3-33. The amount of damages that a burn injury plaintiff could seek would depend on the nature of the injury and the severity. A burn injury lawyer could advocate for an Augusta plaintiff to receive property, economic, and non-economic damages.

If a plaintiff’s property was also damaged in the accident that caused their injury, a defendant might be responsible for paying for the loss or replacing the damaged goods. The economic damages would compensate the plaintiff for medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses. Non-economic damages would provide compensation for emotional losses, such as pain and suffering or the loss of enjoyment of life caused by the injury.

Reach Out to an Augusta Burn Injury Attorney for Guidance

The pain and suffering from a serious burn injury do not always stop after the initial incident. The physical and emotional trauma of a burn could persist for a long time. Getting compensation for your injury could be important physically and financially.

However, there are many challenges you could face when filing an injury claim. An Augusta burn injury lawyer could advocate on your behalf and fight for your right to compensation. To learn more, call and schedule your first consultation.

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